who we are

Verde Modular emerges as part of the EFECTO VERDE project, to make Mexico City greener. Design and implement low maintenance green areas on the rooftops, recycle waste material, rainwater, reuse of equipment, and economically reactivate the Xochimilco´s chinampera area the actions that distinguish us as a socially and environmentally responsible company is part of our everyday life.

Mission: To boost the Efecto Verde project promoting products and projects that improve the quality of life in disused spaces such as roofs and walls. We offer green business solutions as well as the implementation of low maintenance green areas. Simple solutions for complex problems.

Vision: Be agents of change with a vision of 2030 to contribute to the greening of Mexico City and other cities. We see serious environmental challenges as opportunities for change and improvement of the quality of life. We associate with agricultural producers of chinamperos to contribute to the economic reactivation of the chinampera zone. Solid waste is part of our raw material.

Advantage of Ecomaceta Roofs/Floors

Installation / Placement

They are placed side by side without additional work, it is easy and does not cause humidity or produce mold.

Watering system

The water tank minimized the frequency of irrigation.
The water used does not need any additional nutrients.

The plants

Local plants are used.
Seedling or grown plants can be deliver.
Up to 4 plants in each ecomaceta.
The plants capture water from the lower tanks by capillarity.
The root is never submerged in water, avoiding the risk of rotting.


The substrate

Plants obtain their nutrients directly from the substrate.
No need to add nutrients.
Proprietary formulation based on agrolite, coconut fiber and nutrients.
Provides a more natural support to the plant.

Sustainability Benefits

Provides additional point of LEED.
Used of recycled material.
Collecting rainwater and low transportation footprint.
Lower consumption of electricity.

Simple and economical